Presto Precise 12qt Electric Pressure Canner


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* It also doubles as an electric boiling water canner for preserving fruits, jams, jellies, and salsa. Simply select the canning method and time and the digital interface guides you through the canning process. * LED display icons illuminate each step from start to completion. An innovative sensor automatically detects the exact processing temperature and holds it for the time required to safely preserve foods. * The digital canner preheats the jars and keeps them hot until each jar is filled and ready to process. To simplify the boiling water method, the temperature sensor detects the boiling point and automatically activates the canning process for the required time to safely process high-acid foods. * No need to watch or adjust settings and the canner holds heat inside keeping your kitchen cooler. * Includes an instruction book with research-based recipes that use standard processing times in accordance with USDA guidelines and a handy quickstart guide. After scanning is finished, the removable pot enables easy water removal and cleaning. Presto Precise? digital canner, engineered by a trusted leader in pressure canning for over 100 years, is equipped with ten built-in safety features including a cover locking system and an alert symbol that indicates an incomplete canning process. * Canning rack included. * Regular mason jar capacity 10 half-pints, 8 pints, 5 quarts (Half-pints and pints only for boiling water method). * USA Seller * Fast Shipping