Ktaxon Push-button Stainless Steel Electric Pressure Cooker


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1, Reservation function, you can put ingredients into the pot before going to work or at any time. After clicking the reservation, you can enjoy the food directly when you come back from get off work, so you don't have to worry about forgetting to cook anymore 2, Over-pressure protection, when the pressure in the pot exceeds the standard, avoid over-pressure lifting the lid or exploding the pot, safe and reliable 3, Heat preservation function, the machine automatically keeps warm after cooking, so that every meal is full of warmth, and the food is not cold when you come home late 4, Automatic pressure relief, the sensing probe in the electric pressure cooker can adjust the internal air pressure at any time and complete automatic pressure relief after the program ends 5, Temperature control protection, the electric pressure cooker automatically samples and monitors the temperature in the pot through the temperature sensor. When the temperature in the pot is higher than the control setting value, the energized contact of the switch is instantly separated, thereby cutting off the circuit to protect safety. * Color of the product Stainless steel color, Subject to the actual product * Single box size 32X32X37CM / 12.6X12.6X14.57inch * Operation method Push button * Heating method Chassis heating