Kitcheniva 12″ Cast Iron Skillet With Lid Frying Pan Grill Cookware


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CAST IRON PAN The Cast Iron Grill Pan comes with pre-seasoned quality, making it ready for use straight out of the box and preventing any rusting issues. Our cast iron pan set comes with unique handles for easy maneuvering and pouring. EVEN HEAT DISTRIBUTION Our premium quality non-toxic cookware set is coated with an extra layer of protection that ensures the equal distribution of heat for an improved cooking experience. VERSATILE USAGE The skillet pans are highly compatible, as they can be used on any heating source. You can also use them for grilling, frying, sautéing, roasting, braising, and broiling meats, vegetables, and more. SEASONING GUIDE Our skillets are pre-seasoned but it is recommended to season the cast iron pan set with any vegetable oil before use. After washing, rub some oil over your cookware's surface and place it in an oven at a low temperature for the oil to seep in. CARE INSTRUCTIONS Cool the skillets completely before washing them in hot soapy water with a sponge using a regular dishwashing liquid soap.