Gibson Elite Soho Lounge 15 Piece Non Stick Cookware Combo Set in Black


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The 15 piece Soho lounge cookware combo set comes with all the essential pieces you need to make your favorite dishes! This set comes with all the basics, including one dutch oven, one saute pan, one large saucepan, one small saucepan, one large frying pan, one small frying pan, one small cast iron pan, and four kitchen cooking utensils. Tempered glass lids are included, each with bakelite knobs and a venting hole, making it easy for you to monitor your food while cooking without having to lift the lid. Bakelite handles on frying pans and pots stay cool to the touch while cooking. Nonstick interior coating allows for low-fat cooking and an easy and fast clean up. Frying pans including cast iron, have pour spouts on sides for draining out liquids. All handles include hanging hole at end for convenient storage. Get all your kitchen essentials in one place with this 15 piece cookware set!

Item Dimensions 25.00″ x 23.00″ x 9.20″
Item Weight 20.00lbs