Chef Pomodoro Nonstick Carbon Steel Roasting Pan Roaster with Flat Rack, 16 x 11-Inch, Large, Grey, Bakeware Rectangular Oven BBQ Baking


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Whether you're craving some tender, juicy steak or would like your veggies prepared the healthier way, this is one kitchen accessory you're going to need.

The high-quality carbon steel manufacturing of our heavy-duty roasting tray optimizes its strength and durability while enabling even heat conduction throughout your food. The wire rack drains excess juices and fat into the pan below, while allowing the toughest cuts to cook through. The non-stick coating makes serving your dish a smooth process, keeping it presentable without leaving any charred bits stuck to the pan. Once you're done cooking, wash the pan and rack by hand to preserve their life. Occasionally, you may also load the pan into your dishwasher.

We never compromise on quality with our cooking utensils and bakeware. Our baking racks for oven use with pan are heatproof up to 450 F (232 C), making them ideal for high oven temperatures. From reheating leftovers to functioning as a brownie pan or casserole dish, there are endless possibilities with this simple bakeware set.