ASD Cast Iron Pan


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1. Lubrication Oil molecules evenly penetrate into the cast iron grain structure to form an oil film 2. Casting high-purity primary iron ore is smelted at a high temperature of 1500?? and casted in one piece 3. Hard Does not contain any coating, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, shovel steel ball can be used casually 4. Resistance high temperature nitriding process, anti-acid and alkali anti-oxidation, anti-rust and anti-corrosion 5. Clean thick bottom and thin wall, rapid heat accumulation, uniform heat conduction, reducing oily smoke 6. Health Patented oil control technology, control daily oil intake, cooking healthier 7. Stable Cyclone energy-accumulating bottom is stable and non-slip, no stove, suitable for gas stove, induction stove, halogenstove, electric stove, electric ceramic stove 8. Free shipping to 48 U.S. states Reminder 1 Iron pans are not non-stick pans. Sticking pans are normal, but properly maintained can achieve non-stick effects! Reminder 2 There is a little gap between the lid and the body of this product, which is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the use! Specification Dimensions 12.60 in. * 5.52 in. * 3.94 in. Weight 4.86 lbs